Meena Rahmani

Woman Opens “The Strikers”, Afghanistan’s First Bowling Center

The country of Afghanistan – plagued and riddled with warfare – has made a bold step in the direction of unity. Meena Rahmani, a 27-year-old Afghani woman made a risky move by selling off a portion of her land, and open The Strikers bowling center October of last year.

Strikers, a 12-lane bowling center, was inspired by Rahmani’s time spent away from Kabul. While studying abroad, Meena discovered the disparity of family entertainment in her native land compared to the rest of the world. And she understands the groundbreaking nature of her venture,

“We can never compare a bowling center … in Afghanistan and one … in the West,” said Rahmani to USA Today. “Afghanistan needed a place like this.”

The hopes is that the center – not backed by any political or social agenda – can be a place where families can get together and enjoy company and be entertained, without the burden of social, cultural or religious restrictions.

According to Jezebel, Rahmni says that in the months the center has been open, Strikers has attracted mostly men. However, the center is starting to see more women coming with their families. She anticipates expansion to other provinces as the center builds appeal throughout the community.

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