Product Showcase – Feb. 2012

QubicaAMF released the new XLi EDGE Pinspotter in January. The significant advancements introduced with this pinspotter are the patented EDGE Performance Lift, a new Pin Distributor Cam and the EDGE Video Training Tool. Backed by extensive research, the XLi EDGE is designed to make business easier for proprietors, technicians and customers by solving the most prevalent market problems around pinspotters including: staff turnover and training, increasing operating costs of older machines, rising safety concerns and improving the customer experience.

Colorfully and unmistakably decorate your center with Brunswick’s newly redesigned masking units, sure to capture bowlers’ attention and heighten the all-around sensory experience. Massively vibrant, high-quality printed panels cover adjacent pinsetters with continuous graphics that dramatically energize your center. Choose from hundreds of Brunswick designs or custom design your own.

LASERTRON’s installation at the company’s four-acre indoor/outdoor entertainment center in Amherst, N.Y., generates over $20,000 per week during summer months. The entertainment center was expected to surpass $2.5 million in total revenue. The company also offers educational sessions during its regular FEC Conferences, with the next one slated for this month.

Glow Machine Ltd. has earned rave reviews for its EyePrize machine. The company, known for its Web Glow Machine, launched the EyePrize recently, earning acclaim from Waveland Bowl (Chicago, Ill.) proprietor Gary Handler, who noted that he’s on pace to have the machine pay for itself in only six months.

Without the worry of ash, smell or second-hand smoke, blu Cigs give your bowlers everything they enjoy about smoking and nothing else. With flavors made 100% in the United States, blu Cigs are America’s electronic cigarette. For more information on how to keep your bowlers on the lane and out of the parking lot, contact Intermark Brands.

Kegel’s Kustodian Walker literally does the lanes for you. Just select the pattern you want, set it on the approach and press the button. The machine springs to life, cleaning and conditioning the entire center. With no cord to watch and no more moving the machine from lane to lane, you now have the freedom you need and the quality you want.

The Lighting Store’s UPS systems for A/V applications offer back-up battery power to help avoid blackouts and brownouts. The new UPS features individual-outlet control and web-based control. A total of eight surge-protected outlets are ready for use, with easy installation and a user-friendly interface.

Ebonite International now offers its complete line of balls, bags and accessories at the touch of a finger through its iPad application, Pro Shop Touch. The interactive video catalog allows bowlers to experience Ebonite products the way they never have, through informative display specs and a wide range of videos. The app will be updated as the year progresses, allowing pro shops to stay on top of the new releases.

Jayhawk Bowling added the kid-friendly Dragon Ramp to its lineup. Great for kids aged 2-5, Dragon Ramps create a positive and exciting experience, with greater safety and durability than metal ramps.

Gold Medal Products was selected as a member of the 2011 Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100, awarded to Cincinnati-area businesses that exemplify outstanding achievements. It marks the 17th year Gold Medal has been so honored.

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