Product Showcase – Jan. 2012

QubicaAMF introduced a new version of its Mutli Media Systems (MMS). The new edition offers exceptional visual quality, resulting in better clarity and more information displayed. The system is fully upgradeable for BES and Bowland Scoring Systems and Conqueror Universal installations.

Brunswick released the MyBall House Ball Fitting System. Make selecting a good fitting house ball easier for your customers with the MyBall System from Brunswick. The color-coded system, and MyFit sizing ball, allows customers to easily identify which ball will work best for them, improving bowler satisfaction.

Beer Tubes has tested Promo Tubes to help increase draft beer sales and spark interest in Beer Tubes when customers first walk in. The Promo Tubes are non-working tubes that look like they are filled with beer and fit into any Beer Tubes base. In bowling centers, the Promo Tubes can be used in the patented Bowling Ball base and placed on the bar, service counter or on the lanes so groups of bowlers will think about ordering a Beer Tube to enjoy during their league or recreational play.

Colony Park Lanes East in York, Pa., promoted its Music Out of the Gutters event, with use of the GKM International Profit Platform. The platform sat atop the lanes, while a popular local band performed for customers.

Proprietors new have an option for their casual bowling customers who dislike rental shoes. The BowlSole is the world’s only disposable bowling shoe pad designed to be worn on regular shoes. Your customers imply applies the BowlSole and bowls, it’s that simple. BowlSoles leave no sticky residue and are designed to fit everyone.

The Socket SoMo 650 handheld computer was selected by Menusoft Systems, developers of the Digital Dining restaurant management and point-of-sale software system. The handheld computer will be used as part of the company’s handheld POS solution.

Bowling center operators offering food and beverage facilities can benefit from custom and stock server ribbons offered by Walking Billboards. The company delivers a full line of inexpensive and eye-catching ribbons to promote house specials.

ONLINE MARKETING announced lower pricing for 2012, plus save an additional 15% by bundling the company’s services. The company provides a variety of internet marketing services, including email campaigns, websites, Facebook for bowling and text messaging.

Replace your chairs while keeping your existing bases. Venue Industries can help you update the look of your center for a surprisingly low price.

Sobieski Vodka introduced three new flavors, Espresso, Cynamon and Bizon Grass. The flavors follow in the success of the company’s others, including Orange, Karamel, Raspberry, Cutron and Vanilia. All of the flavors are made with the finest Dankowski Rye and all are imported from Poland.

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