Product Showcase – March 2012

Lime Energy helps businesses improve energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Lime Energy can audit your current energy usage, inventory building envelope penetrations and identify areas with the greatest improvement potential. The company can also locate government and/or utility incentive funds.

QubicaAMF’s Xli EDGE Pinspotter makes running your business easier by solving the most prevalent problems around pinspotters. Learn more about the company’s new pinspotter by visiting

Brunswick’s Ticket Depot is one of many new scoring features for Vector Scoring. Ticket Depot adds redemption game functionality to the Vector Scoring system, as a result of an exclusive partnership with Benchmark Games. Ticket Depot makes the game more exciting for young children, driving incremental revenue by encouraging bowler visits to your center and game room.

Bowling Rewards and Tenth Frame Productions have teamed up to offer proprietors many opportunities to generate revenue from new customers. New membership packages include free consultations, free support for you and staff and free mobile marketing.

Stern Pinball’s new AC/DC pinball machine allows players to experience the power of rock and roll with their own two hands. Players can rock out to 12 classic AC/DC hits including “Back in Black,” “Highway to Hell,” and “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

Kegel announced a new division devoted to parts and equipment, Kegel Pinsetter Parts. With a planned debut this spring, Kegel will first offer a catalog of 40 common replacement parts for the A2 pinsetters.

Redemption Plus captured the IAAPA Brass Ring Honorable Mention Award for its lineup of custom redemption counters. The company added the counters to its line in 2011 as part of its Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors division.

MOBILE MARKETING can deliver your center’s text messages, or allow you to do it yourself. In either method, makes sure that your message is formatted correctly and includes an opt-out link in every message. Plus, the company provides monthly tips for bowling center operators.

Novelty Inc. brings extensive experience in creating high quality novelty toys, gifts and candy to the FEC redemption arena. The company has been a long-time supplier in several other novelty markets.

Strikerz Entertainment Center in Lee’s Summit, Mo. installed the Embed System recently. The 20-lane center includes a 70-game arcade, laser tag and full-service restaurant and bar. The system integrated seamlessly with the center’s Brunswick Vector Plus and Micros Point-of-Sale systems.

Sureshot Redemption shark and clown fish air swimmers make a popular redemption prize. These fish swim through the air with life-like motion. The shark and clown fish air swimmers are 57 inches in length and 36 inches in height.

Dynamo Hockey features a full lineup of air hockey units that are perfect for the entire family. These popular games offer action at a low cost, keeping customers entertained for lengthy periods of time.

Pyramid Technologies launched a new Aqua line of bill acceptors. The Aqua line is the premier solution for outdoor, wet or high humidity applications. With its original vertical sensor technology, the Aqua line is weather resistant and low maintenance.

Redemption Plus recently launched its Kid Tested, Kid Approved program. This focus group consists of a diverse collection of children in a range of ages, which will help educate customers on the highest rated products available and provide feedback on what can be done to improve individual products.

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