Casio LampFree® projectors light up BowlMor AMF facilities

The largest bowling center operators in the world, Bowlmor AMF, sought out to increase the overall customer bowling experience by enhancing its visual technology. So the bowling center conglomerate teamed up with the leading manufacturer in projector technology, Casio America, Inc.. What they have created is a complete transformation of its bowling centers with Casio LampFree® projectors. This new, innovative lighting offers wall-to-wall entertainment and state-of-the-art LED and LASER hybrid sourcing.

So far, Bowlmor AMF has purchased 200 Casio projectors in various locations with plans to purchase additional models by the end of 2015. Casio’s LampFree®technology provides users with a 200,000 hour lifespan and eliminate the need for expensive projection lamps that need continuous replacement. The units are also mercury-free and thwart any pollution when disposing.

“Our company spent a lot of time researching the best projection technology for our bowling alleys and found that the Casio projectors are unmatched in terms of its LED Hybrid Light Source, affordability, and long term use,” said Levan Natsvlishvili, AV director of Bowlmor AMF. “We purchased both the Casio Signature and Pro models and found that these projectors are ideal for the applications we are using.”

The way this works within bowling centers is Casio projectors are mounted onto the ceilings and will project images on the wall above the pins. The units are also capable of projecting advertisements, live video of sporting events, music videos and more. These projectors can run in centers between 12-14 hours a day, can be shut down without the hassle of extended set up time and can retain memory of the predetermined settings. The projector also only takes eight seconds to power down after a night of inactivity.

In the continuation of upgrading its facilities, Bowlmor AMF, has implmented this new technology inside of its newest bowling concept, Bowlero, located in The Woodlands, Texas. The center currently runs 20 Casio projectors in its 40-lane facility. To learn more about the Casio LampFree® projection system, visit

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