More than 13,500 bowlers in 27 countries entered the first-ever PBA Global Showdown Powered by Lanetalk in September.

The event’s grand finale will take place on Nov. 14, with six players competing for a $20,000 first-place prize as well as prizes from KR Strikeforce and Motiv. The competition will be streamed live for free by the PBA.

“The PBA Global Showdown has been a truly game-changing competition,” said Lev Ekster, Chief Strategy Officer of Bowlero Corp. and Chief Operating Officer of the PBA. “It has given an opportunity to thousands of bowlers of all skill levels from all over the world to compete for a huge prize fund and has driven guests back into bowling centers hard hit by Covid.”

The six amateur finalists represent five countries: Malaysia, Norway, Netherlands, Romania and the United States. Each will have one attempt to submit a single-game score, with the top four advancing. Following another game, the top two scorers move on to the championship match.

Lanetalk provided the online infrastructure for the tournament, noting that such events can drive foot traffic and frequency. One finalist, Ahmad Aidil of Malaysia, made 171 attempts to qualify for the grand finale. The others competed between 12 and 55 times at Lanetalk-affiliated centers.

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