Bowling Center Management is the official publication of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America – the world’s largest bowling trade organization. BCM is the only magazine exclusively devoted to bowling center operators. BCM is designed to help bowling center proprietors operate more efficiently and profitably. Articles on management, human resources, finances, taxes, marketing and promotions, arcade games and vending, food service, beverage management, sound and lighting, as well as technical articles relating to the bowling business, are found in the pages of BCM. Every month the magazine is sent to virtually every bowling center in the USA, to more than 400 members of the European Bowling Proprietors Association, and to bowling distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and key industry personnel.

Advertising in Bowling Center Management
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Download the BCM Rate Card here: BCM Rate Card 2019


Bowling Centers Can Generate Revenue for Other Industries

• Revenue splits: 63% of total annual revenue is from bowling-related sources.

37% is generated by non-bowling sources, including:

78.8% is generated by food & beverage sales.

21.2% is generated by arcades, billiards, pro shops, etc.

• 42% of bowling center floor space is devoted to non-bowling items.

• 82% have a pro shop.

• 87% have a bar.

• 88% have a snack bar, averaging 555 sq. feet with 27 seats.

• 31% have a full service restaurant, averaging 2,100 sq. feet with 107 seats.

• 85% have an arcade, averaging 900 sq. feet with 16 games.

• 64% have billiard tables, with an average of 4 tables.

• 75% of proprietors also own the building.

• The average proprietor owns his center for 17 years.

About the Bowlers Who Visit the Centers

Over 70 million people bowl at least once a year in the United States alone:

• 46 million are adults.

• 12.7 million are teens, ages 12-17.

• 11.6 million are youths, ages 6-11.

• 53% are male – 47% are female.

• 49.5% are married.

• Over 60% own their own homes.

• Bowlers earn nearly $68,000 per annum in household income, 20 percent more than the average household.

Statistics information provided by Simmons National Consumer Survey, Fall 2002, and the BPAA Bowling Center Benchmarking and Operating Ratios Study, March 2002.

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