Chicago Bowl Blueprint courtesy of East Village

Brooklyn Bowl, Blue Ribbon to open “Chicago Bowl”

Blue Ribbon Restaurants – created by brothers Eric and Bruce Bromberg, have developed plans to open “Chicago Bowl” – a take on their famed “Brooklyn Bowl” center. This project has been in existence for the past two years. Brooklyn Bowl owner Patrick Shapiro told Eater Chicago of the center’s plans to expand the brand to the Second City,

“It’s anticipated for 1850 W. Chicago to transform into Chicago Bowl, so it’s been cleared,” Shapiro said. “After doing Brooklyn Bowl, we looked at different places around the country to do this, and Chicago is going to be the next place.

– Peter Shapiro to Eater Chicago, December 2010

Chicago Bowl will be a sister venue to the Brooklyn Bowl establishment, as Blue Ribbon will oversee the kitchen. The 23,000-square-foot center/lounge will encompass the same puissance as it’s sister, 16-lanes, 600-person concert occupancy and everyday live music will be the driving force. It will also serve a role in Chicago’s community with work in the local schools and community centers.

As the East Village Association website states, the Chicago Bowl center will be a blueprint for the integration of public performance and bowling,

“Unlike typical bars and venues, Chicago Bowl’s multifunctionality will minimize mass exiting and entry to and from the venue at one time. Because some people will bowl while others eat in the restaurant and still others sit at the bar or watch the various projection screens it will be rare for people to exit the venue at one time, reducing pressure on the immediate street.”

Chicago Bowl will create 100 new jobs and management positions, and plans to hire within the East Village neighborhood and community. Currently, the venue is seeking it’s incidental liquor license and has applied for Public Place of Amusement certification.

According to Peter Shapiro, managing partner for Brooklyn Bowl, long-term leasing of the one-time auto-body warehouse has been abandoned due to unexpected increase in in renovation cost, concerns about area traffic and parking limitations.

The group is currently exploring other Chicago locations that can employ a music venue, restaurant, and bowling center. Now Aldermen Proco Joe Moreno (1st Ward) and Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward) have moved to extend Chicago Avenue’s “street pedestrian” designation, which bans strip malls, drive-through’s, gas stations, storage warehouses,  even auto-body shops that the building once was.

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