With Bowl Expo Done, USBC & National Bowling Stadium Set Improvements

United States Bowling Congress (USBC), Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) and the city of Reno have agreed to use a $2 room tax to stimulate revenue for planned improvements to the National Bowling Stadium. The deal figures prominently for the United States Bowling Congress, which has agreed to continue to host several of its key championship events in Reno from 2019-30. Bowl Expo 2012 attendees were able to see the initial efforts of the agreement in late June. The bulk of the work begins now, and will run for several years.

Currently the proposal is restricted to National Bowling Stadium improvements until completion. The tax revenue was initially set to aid tourist-related improvements to downtown Reno, including the National Bowling Stadium – the 78-championship-lane mega-center. So far the NBS has seen minor improvements to the interior landscape, such as the recently dedicated satellite Hall of Fame museum, which has already been installed on the ground floor.

Other planned improvements to the stadium include:

  • 10 new showcase lanes, replacement of other 78 lanes
  • New video projections
  • New sports bar
  • New stadium seating
  • Squad room renovation and expansion
  • Refurbishing the exterior by the year 2018

The city of Reno has already utilized revenue from the $2 tax increase. The former CitiCenter bus station used some of the tax money to make improvements on lighting and new police housing. The site also includes food truck vending events.

The NBS sees well over tens of thousands of patrons and tourists throughout the year.

RSCVA President and CEO Christopher Baum told Bowl.com‘s Jason Overstreet  about the deal,

“This agreement is a testament to the commitment of the city of Reno, our resort hotels, the RSCVA and those Nevada state legislators who have worked to continue Reno Tahoe USA’s long-term relationship with the USBC,” says Baum.

“We are delighted that the USBC has officially agreed to keep the National Bowling Stadium in Reno as its home away from home.”

Here is the National Bowling Stadium in 2011,

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