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Family Holds Funeral At Bowling Alley

There have been many creative ways people have decided to honor loved ones as they cross over to the afterlife. From spreading ashes across baseball fields, to dumping remains in the oceans. However, one family decided that the only way to properly memorialize a bowling lover was to hold a funeral at…a bowling alley!

TLC’s new show, “Best Funeral Ever“, captured bowling lover Judy Sunday’s final event at a bowling alley with help from the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas. During the ceremony, Sunday’s name was written on the pins and the family even rolled her casket down the lanes for one final frame.

“We believe a family member’s passing is a time to celebrate their life, not mourn their death,” said Golden Gate Funeral Home owner, John Beckwith Jr.

This episode of TLC’s “Best Funeral Ever” aired on December 2. For video, click here!

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