Adults must now pay to enter 2014 Junior Gold Championship

Adults will now pay an event pass fee to enter the 2014 Junior Gold Championships in Buffalo, NY. 18 and under spectators will still be able to attend at no charge. Proceeds from the pass will benefit the Youth Education Services Fund (YES), which supports youth bowling initiatives.

A one-day pass will cost $10 per adult and all-week passes will cost $20 if purchased before July 1. Tickets will increase to $30 after that date.

IBC Youth Managing Director of Youth Development Chad Murphy told,

“Every dollar from the adult spectator passes will go directly to supporting grassroots youth bowling programs,”

He also added,

“Many premiere youth events charge admission to adult spectators to support kids programs and this change aligns Junior Gold with other similar events. Again, not one dollar goes to operations, it all goes to kids programs in communities.”

Adults can purchase tickets now at Those purchasing tickets after July 1 can still pay for them on-site.

For more information, visit

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