Last year, BowlmorAMF said it was marketing AMF Parkway Lanes in Allentown, Pa., for a sale/lease-back deal. Now, however, the company has decided to put the 25-year-old center up for auction — but without its bowling equipment, furnishings or liquor license.

According to Allentown’s 69 News, the auction is scheduled to start June 5 and end June 7, with a starting bid of $650,000.

Observers say that by not including the bowling equipment or liquor license in the offering, it could signal the end of the business as a bowling center.

But on Tuesday, the following was posted on the center’s Facebook page:

“There [have] been a lot of questions about AMF Parkway Lanes over the last 24 hours. Yes, we are open for business as usual. Yes, there is a listing on a website stating that the business will be auctioned off on June 7th. This does not necessarily mean that the building will stop operating as a bowling center. In fact, there are investors inquiring about the property and they would want to make improvements to Parkway Lanes and keep it a bowling center not operating under the AMF corporation. If the building does not sell at auction we will continue to operate as AMF Parkway Lanes. Please feel free to message this page with any questions.”

AMF acquired the Parkway Lanes property in 1998. The center then became part of BowlmorAMF in 2013.

Stay tuned…

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