To improve the bowling experience for youth bowlers, particularly those competing in the sport for the first time, International Bowling Campus Youth Development will provide youth members ages 8 and under with a free Bowlopolis membership upgrade kit starting with the 2017-18 season.

IBC Youth Development will enhance the package by providing coaches and youth directors with tools to improve the experience for children bowling in their first league, including a progress poster for the entire league.

The Bowlopolis membership upgrade kit provides youth bowlers with a Bowlopolis brag tag, an interactive magazine, crayons, a game board with stickers, and the chance to participate in a coloring page contest.

“We want to ensure the first experience for youth bowlers is fun and exciting, and to make sure they have the tools to learn and see improvement as they begin their journey on the lanes,” said IBC Managing Director of Youth Development, Gary Brown. “Children have opportunities to participate in different sports, but through the Bowlopolis program we will show them the excitement, competition and opportunities bowling can provide for many years to come.”

The Bowlopolis membership upgrade, while free to children age 8 and under with their $4 United States Bowling Congress Youth membership, will remain available for other youth members at the current cost of $3.50.

The free Bowlopolis membership upgrade will require a $60,000 investment by IBC Youth Development as it seeks to strengthen a segment of youth bowling. Research has shown bowling has lost the most ground in youth membership for those ages 6 to 10, as children explore multiple youth sports and activities.


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