The inaugural Main Event PBA Tour Finals, hosted by Main Event Entertainment in Orlando, Fla., will introduce CBS Sports Network viewers to blue oil with a twist when the new event begins its five-week run tonight at 9:30 p.m. Eastern.

Not only will fans be able to see the 42-ft. “PBA Tour Finals” oiling pattern because of a blue dye added to the conditioner, but the pattern is more easily seen because the synthetic lanes at Main Event Orlando are white, with black striping to indicate the “boards” across each lane.

The PBA introduced the blue-dyed oil during the 2014 PBA World Series of Bowling in Las Vegas as a way to illustrate the differences in the applications of oil for the PBA’s animal patterns, and the visual aid has been used in a variety of televised PBA events ever since.

The coloring — which has no effect on the oil itself — not only allows fans to see how the oil is applied to the lanes, but also makes it much easier to see how oil is moved around and depleted during competition. The depletion and movement of oil is what creates the transitions on the playing surface, requiring bowlers to make adjustments based upon how their bowling balls react to the constantly changing conditions.

The question of the day was: Did the white lane surface in combination with the blue oil have any impact on the PBA Tour Finals competitors?

“Nah,” said Sean Rash. “You learn to do what your ball tells you to do.”

“It didn’t bother me at all,” said Jesper Svensson. “You get used to it. Besides, it’s the same for everyone.”

Added E.J. Tackett: “The white surface is a little brighter than a wood surface, but the blue oil kind of mutes the brightness, so it isn’t much different.”

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