Motiv Bowling has announced the addition of Ryan Ciminelli to the company’s PBA Tour Staff. A seven-time PBA national Tour champion and U.S. Open winner, Ciminelli is the winningest left-hander on the PBA Tour this decade.

Ryan Ciminelli has joined the Motiv Bowling staff.

“I am very excited about joining the Motiv team,” Ciminelli said. “I think that it’ll be a fantastic partnership, and the opportunity for myself and my family given by Motiv was one we are grateful for. I will do everything I can to make the best of it for us and for Motiv.”

Brett Spangler, Motiv’s PBA Tour Staff Manager, said, “Adding Ryan to our team is one of the biggest acquisitions in the history of the Motiv brand. Ryan is an incredible competitor who has proven over the last seven years that he can succeed in many environments and on the grandest stages our sport offers.

“We look forward to sharing in Ryan’s success moving forward, along with having his influence with our young and talented staff.”

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