Brent Perrier had been talking about retirement for about five years, but when Brunswick Corporation decided to get out of the bowling business in 2014, those plans were put on hold. Perrier was named Chief Executive Officer of a newly independent company called Brunswick Bowling.

Now, after leading Brunswick Bowling through that transition, Perrier has decided that the time has come. On July 25, he officially will hand over the CEO reins to Corey Dykstra, Brunswick Bowling’s CFO and Vice President of Consumer and Aftermarket Products, while staying on board as a consultant to Dykstra and the company’s board of directors.

“I’m excited to take the leadership role for the best group of teammates I could imagine working with,” Dykstra told the BJI Cyber Report this morning. “These people love bowling, and that passion shows through every day. It’s exciting to work with people who love their jobs and their careers.”

Dykstra joined Brunswick in 2004 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University, then working as senior auditor at BDO Seidman, LLP for four years. In late 2011, while serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Brunswick Corporation’s Bowling Products Division, he was promoted to Vice President of After-Market and Consumer Products for that division.

At the time, Perrier called the promotion “a great move” for the company and the division.

“Brent has become a good friend to me,” Dykstra said. “He also has been a mentor, and I will continue to treat him as such.”

Dykstra added that he is upbeat about the future of bowling, calling it “an evolving business that’s shifting to the entertainment side and changing constantly. We see the challenges as opportunities, and we will continue to support both the sport and entertainment sides of bowling,” adding that no changes are planned regarding Brunswick Bowling’s commitment to the PBA or USBC.

For Perrier, there likely is a lot of “green” in his future as he is an avid golfer. His retirement marks the end of a 37-year career in bowling.

“It has been a great run at Brunswick,” Perrier said, “and I’m really proud to be leaving the company in the best financial position, and with the highest quality product line we’ve enjoyed in a long time. Furthermore, I’m happy the current management team will remain in place and will continue to drive Brunswick Bowling Products forward in developing innovative products and services for our customers.”

Added Perrier: “I would like to sincerely thank all the friends, customers and colleagues who I’ve known over the years in the bowling industry, and I hope to remain in contact with everyone in the future. I would especially like to thank the company’s current ownership and board of directors for allowing me to lead the start of the new chapter of Brunswick Bowling Products.”

Said Joe Licata, the company’s Chairman of the Board: “On behalf of the entire Brunswick Bowling Products organization, the board of directors would like to thank Brent for his many contributions to the company over the years, and welcome Corey into his new role. We see great potential in the strategic direction of the company, and are excited to have access to Corey’s talent and experience to bring Brunswick Bowling Products to the next level of performance.”

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