Joe Pugliese installed a lot of bowling lanes over the course of his lifetime, first while working alongside his father at B&C Bowling, and later as the founder and owner of JCP Precision Bowling Systems and JCP Construction Corporation, based in Islandia, Long Island, N.Y.

Now, Pugliese has passed away following a long illness.

Stanley Kodish remembered his boss in a Facebook post on Wednesday: “He taught me to do what’s right for the customer first. Honesty and integrity was a must; it was a standard he set for me. On the personal side, Joe knew the importance of family and kindness. He has allowed me to telecommute, trusting in me and my ability and honesty as a person. This is why I loved the man and stuck by his side for so many years in a business when you see so many sales people float from job to job. He wanted me to be able to look after my aging parent. He was a wonderful employer.”

B&C flourished during the 1950s and ’60s — during America’s bowling boom — building and installing an estimated 6,000 lanes. When Pugliese founded JCP, the company served primarily as an installer of lanes and machines for AMF. Over time, JCP began selling lane and machine packages.

This led to JCP developing its own parts business so that it would not have to rely on other suppliers and could control costs. According to the company’s website, JCP today is “the largest independent supplier of new AMF and Brunswick replacement parts in the industry.”

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