The United States Bowling Congress must revise and clarify its process for handling grievances members file against the organization after the United States Olympic Committee placed USBC on probation in June due to concerns about whether their members receive federally mandated due process protections.

USBC now must work with USOC over a six-month period to better understand and implement USOC’s expectations for compliance with their due process guidelines, and potentially could get an extension should USBC’s progress be deemed substantial enough to warrant more time.

Past USBC executive directors dating back to Roger Dalkin expressed surprise over the USOC ruling, which deals with proper compliance with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. That act provides guidelines for handling athlete grievances against a sport’s national governing body. USBC is the NGB for bowling.

BJI Editor Gianmarc Manzione has put together a comprehensive report on the probationary status, how it came to be, and why former leaders of the USBC — including Dalkin, Kevin Dornberger, Stu Upson and Neil Stremmel — were surprised and confused by the USOC ruling.

You can read Manzione’s full report here:

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