Glenn Allison, the bowler who rolled the first 900 series in sanctioned league play back in 1982, was involved in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve while on the way to La Habra “300” Bowl, where he works the desk parttime.

Family members say Allison, 87, fractured his sternum and has two fractures in his back, and is expected to remain at Pomona Valley Hospital for “a couple of weeks” as he recovers.

Glenn Allison was en route to La Habra “300” Bowl when he was involved in an auto accident.

According to his daughter, Suzanne, Allison “is in really good spirits… but is having trouble with his left leg, which is likely due to the crushed vertebrae. He’s determined to heal and get back to bowling.”

On Christmas Day, Suzanne posted this update on Facebook: “He is ornery and stubborn. This means he is feeling better.” That sentiment quickly was echoed by Suzanne’s brother, Ron.

Allison made bowling history by rolling three consecutive 300 games on July 1, 1982 in the Anchor Girl Trio league La Habra “300” Bowl. The American Bowling Congress ultimately denied official recognition, citing non-complying lane conditions — even as the league as a whole averaged below its season-to-date average for the session.

In 1997, the ABC approved a 900 series for the first time. Since then, 33 additional perfect series have been approved by the ABC and the United States Bowling Congress, but only Allison is widely known as “Mr. 900.”

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