While the May issues of Bowling Center Management and Bowlers Journal International are a bit smaller than usual, they’re nonetheless packed with important information and top-quality features that BCM and BJI readers have come to depend on after a combined 132 years serving the bowling family.

We felt it was critical to move forward with print editions of the magazines because, in times of crisis, our readers depend on BCM and BJI for information, perspective and even a little entertainment.

The May issue of BJI features USBC Hall of Famer and nurse practitioner Kim Adler on the cover, and shares her perspective — along with Brenda Mack’s and Erin McCarthy’s — from the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an absolutely riveting read.

The issue also includes a behind-closed-doors — literally — feature on Jason Belmonte’s 13th major tournament victory as the PBA World Series of Bowling was cut short in Las Vegas.

Also from Las Vegas, you’ll learn how the Golden Ladies Classic managed to crown champions even as casinos all across town were closing down.

Also in the May BJI:

* Collegiate player Matt Hibbard on the gut-wrenching cancellation of the Intercollegiate Team and Singles Championships.

* A fascinating historic feature on how bowling bounced back from the Spanish Flu pandemic of the early 20th century.

* How one PBA tournament — the 1966 St. Paul Open — saw 22 of the 128 entrants withdraw due to the flu.

* A look at how the pandemic — date by date and event by event — has scorched the bowling landscape in 2020.

* Columns offering a mix of straight talk, hope, concern and even a sense of normalcy.

We even managed to squeeze in a “Generation Next” spotlight, some non-COVID news from around the bowling world, the ever-popular Yesteryear department, reviews of 10 new bowling balls, a full page of business news (some coronavirus related, some not), and 19 mini-stories on an array of products and services.

The May issue of BCM also is heavy on COVID-19 material, but from a strictly business perspective. We’re particularly proud of this edition because the information it contains will serve proprietors not only in the weeks and months ahead, but for years to come. In other words, it’s a keeper.

A sampling of what you’ll find in this must-read issue:

* Dozens of business-related and state proprietor association reports on how the pandemic is impacting the business of bowling.

* A look at COVID-19 survival for U.S. small businesses from our Accounting columnist.

* A plan for filling lanes while honoring the pandemic’s heroes from our Marketing columnist.

* How politics inexplicably led to a delay in COVID-19 relief from our Legislation columnist.

* In BEC Monthly, details on the launch of a recovery website, and other pandemic-related news.

* An in-depth cover story detailing the impact of COVID-19 on our industry.

* A special feature on how bowling manufacturers and bowling proprietors have stepped up during the pandemic.

* Social media strategies for engaging guests in a post-pandemic paradigm.

* Replacing condiment squeeze bottles in bowling center restaurants and snack bars (in our Food & Beverage department).

* Using daily specials and bounce-back coupons to speed the recovery (in our Promotion Hotline department).

* Driving post-pandemic traffic with your full digital tool box (in our Digital Digest department).

* A “Must Read” for setting new goals and managing your team as proprietors deal with the “temporary normal.”

And just so this issue isn’t exclusively about the pandemic, we’ve included a 40th anniversary feature on Steltronic, our regular “Timeline” department, a “One of Us” proprietor profile, a look at some of bowling’s latest business-focused products and services, and more.

All told, we were able to publish more than 100 pages in this most difficult time for BJI and BCM readers — because at a time like this, bowlers, bowling fans and bowling proprietors need their bowling magazines.

P.S.: There’s much more essential reading to come in the June issues of BCM and BJI.

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