Through the years, we’ve heard about lots of “side businesses” operating inside bowling centers, everything from the common pro shops to the less-common hair salons, barbershops and even travel agencies.

The leased space provided a nice source of dependable revenue for proprietors.

But when Village Lanes in Leesburg, Va., reopens after remodeling and post-pandemic, it will house a business that we believe it’s safe to say never before has been housed inside a bowling center.

That business? Local Wood, a company that sells reclaimed lumber and slab wood products,

The owners of Local Wood, Scott Carpenter and Charlie Beach, have teamed up with Paul Ferrari to purchase the 24-lane center. They are removing eight of the lanes, and will use that space for Local Lumber, which has been displaced from its location across the street from the bowling center, as well as Carpenter Beach Construction.

Although the center will be downsized, it’s getting a new scoring system, an enhanced HVAC system, a “throwback” arcade, and a new kitchen that will produce upscale pub fare.

The center also is investing in new house balls, and plans to use its old ones for an art project/fundraiser to benefit the Ampersand Pantry Project, which provides free lunches to local residents in need.

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