The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame has teamed up with board member Kevin Dornberger to create a multi-month online charity auction.

Each month, a selection of unique bowling-related items from “The Kevin Dornberger Collection” will be released on the IBMHOF auction website for bid.

Dornberger spent 18 years in international bowling administration, but his outstanding collection is a result of a lifelong interest.

“I’ve been in bowling in some form or other for more than 60 years, so collecting bowling memorabilia seemed like an appropriate extension of the sport,” he said.

Many of the items in the collection are one of a kind or highly unusual. Items include rare original drawings of 20th century bowling cartoons, limited-edition bowling balls, décor, paintings, sculptures, sketches and many rare American Bowling Congress gold and silver medals from the early 20th century.

“I’m a big fan of the ABC (now United States Bowling Congress) from its early days, and knowing the history of honor scores in the first 40 years of the ABC’s existence, I was drawn to the scarcity of the awards honoring them,” said Dornberger.

The retired World Bowling CEO hopes this auction series will encourage bowling fans to start collections of their own, as well as put the IBMHOF’s mission on the map.

“I have great respect for the Hall of Fame and the work done by the Museum,” said Dornberger. “It seemed only natural to work with the Museum to give these special items new homes.”

The October sale will focus on the original drawings of popular cartoons featuring bowling. The remaining auction schedule is as follows: Oct. 5-15, Nov. 2-12, and Dec. 1-11.

To view the auction website, visit

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