The International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association is beginning 2021 with a new Executive Director in Steve Szabina, and a future-focused team of officers intent on making IBPSIA even more relevant for pro shop operators, bowling coaches and the entire industry.

The IBPSIA Board of Directors elected Dwyane Da Moude, who stepped in as interim President when Daniel Puerto resigned, to a full term as the association’s President. Da Moude, who is serving his fourth year on the IBPSIA board, operates the pro shop at Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln, Neb., and is a USBC Silver level coach and an IBPSIA Master Technician.

Elected as Vice President was Peter Somoff, the operator of Somoff Pro Shop in Federal Way, Wash. Serving his third year on the board, Somoff is a USBC Gold level coach and an IBPSIA Master Technician.

The board also elected Craig Spencer to serve as Secretary/Treasurer. Spencer, the owner of Virtue Bowling Supply with six locations in the Phoenix, Ariz., area, is a USBC Silver level coach and IBPSIA Master Technician.

“As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and more people get back to bowling, I’m very excited about the rest of 2021 and beyond,” said Da Moude. “I’m honored to be able to continue serving my fellow pro shop operators at this unprecedented time in our history, and I’m looking forward to working with Peter, Craig and the rest of the IBPSIA board with a focus on the future.”

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