Given the fate of two beloved bowling centers and what the future holds for the land on which they sat, it seems only appropriate that besides centers and alleys, we also refer to such businesses as “houses.”

In Las Vegas, the site of the former Showboat Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center, vacant since being imploded in 2006 and its asphalt remains overgrown with weeds, has been resurrected as the Showboat Park Apartments complex.

When completed, it will feature 344 affordably priced apartment homes, swimming pool, natural grass soccer field, basketball court, covered playground and a 10,000-sq.-ft. clubhouse with a conference room, library, high-speed Wi-Fi and numerous workstations — but, in what would seem to be a missed opportunity, no working bowling lane. (However, there is a design element that includes a truncated lane, 10 pins, and numerous multi-colored bowling balls.)

In northern California, a glimpse into the future of the former Albany Bowl site was revealed last week. Unlike the Showboat, which was demolished, the space that housed the venerable center for more than seven decades, as well as its parking lot, would be repurposed to include two apartment buildings as well as small storefronts.

According to plans released by Trachtenberg Architects, the apartment complex would include 207 units, 21 of which would be affordably priced for “very low” income applicants.

You can read more about the project here:

And you can view a photo gallery of the Showboat Park complex — including the bowling-themed art element — here:

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