Connecticut’s newest entertainment facility, Xtreme Play Adrenaline Park, opens Friday in Danbury.

The facility, owned and operated by Dr. James Bonheur, spans 30,000 square feet, and offers an array of attractions and experiences.

These include multi-level ropes, ninja warrior and Ballistics courses with immersive motion theater and virtual reality componentry. With its 30-foot ceilings and bi-level attraction placements, Xtreme Play delivers on the promise of high-action entertainment for children and adults.

Also featured is a uniquely themed “Escape from New York” laser tag arena, along with black-lit bowling lanes, a state-of-the-art amusement game portfolio, and full-motion bumper karts.

“Jim has elevated indoor entertainment to an art form by combining dynamic environments with high-impact attractions,” said Jerry Merola, Managing Partner of Amusement Entertainment Management. “The attention to detail and level of execution within this facility is simply unmatched.”

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