Avery Schenk, a recent graduate of Terry Sanford High School in Fayetteville, N.C., and an incoming freshman at North Carolina State University, is the 2021 recipient of the Daroll and Dolores Frewing Scholarship.

The richest scholarship in bowling, with a $25,000 value, is presented to a graduating senior who is a child or grandchild of a Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America member. It was introduced by the Frewings last year — when the initial recipient was Andrew Amore of Washington Courthouse, Ohio — and is administered by a special committee of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.

Schenk comes from good bowling stock. She is the daughter of Nancy and Gary Schenk, and the granddaughter of Lynda and Howard Baum, the long-time owner-operators of B&B Lanes in Fayetteville. Nancy Schenk is a past President of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, and Howard Baum served on the BPAA Tournament Committee and Convention Committee. Many important association and industry decisions have been made with input from the Schenk and Baum families.

Although she admits to not being “the best bowler,” Avery Schenk was a scholastic star, ranking first in her class of 271 with a grade point average of 4.714 out of 4.0, the number elevated by taking various honors, A.P. and college courses. She received the Capstone diploma in addition to her regular diploma and was a three-year member of the National Honor Society. Her primary extracurricular activity has been All-Star Cheerleading.

“I have great parents,” Avery said. “Everyone in the bowling industry knows my mom, and how much she cares about the sport and the business.”

She admitted to not being as aware of her grandpa’s place in the industry, helping to oversee so many iconic tournaments through the years: “What I remember most about him is going to state conventions and helping him run this race game. That was a lot of fun. But I had no idea about the national stuff he was involved in. He never bragged about it.”

Avery said the scholarship money will come in especially handy because her family’s business, like so many others, endured financial hardship during the pandemic. Adding to her educational bill is the fact that she is planning to become a pediatrician, which requires an extra four years of schooling.

“We are delighted with the committee’s selection,” said Daroll Frewing, the founder of US Bowling Corporation. “Our vision for the scholarship was to give back to bowling’s families — the people who built this industry and enabled our family to enjoy a nice living. Especially after the terrible year that so many centers have had, this scholarship will make a big difference.”

The Frewing Scholarship is the cover story of the July issue of BCM. Read much more in that edition.

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