The official Supreme Storm Bowling Ball, a collaboration between Supreme and Storm Bowling Products, sold out in minutes late last year.

Earlier in the year, Supreme reached out to Storm’s Vice President of Marketing, Steve Kloempken, to collaborate on a product. Storm decided to work together to connect with a new customer base and create a product to expose the brand to those who might not be aware of the intricacies of bowling.

“Supreme is a strong, popular brand, and while some of our current customers and athletes such as Jason Belmonte were already big fans of Supreme, we recognized that this collaboration would likely inject a large number of folks into their local bowling center for the first time,” Kloempken said. “And for many it would be their first exposure to the Storm brand, which made us even more excited to do it.”

Though Supreme started as a brick-and-mortar skate store in New York City, its team quickly realized it was more than just a brand; Supreme was creating culture. According to the company’s website, “Supreme established itself as a brand known for its quality, style and authenticity.” Today, it works with high-end brands and leaders in every industry to create small-batch independent items that fit their culture and are coveted by consumers.

Throughout the process, the Storm team worked with Supreme to develop a product that would match the Supreme brand and be desired by its fan base. When the announcement was made a few months prior to the ball’s release, it was received positively and shared by their fans across the networks. When the product dropped it sold out quickly, as most Supreme products do.

“At Storm, our company purpose is to continue to inspire existing bowlers and to foster and develop new bowlers,” Kloempken said. “We loved working with Supreme on this collaboration, and are excited to introduce new fans to the sport of bowling.”

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