Emma McCrary, who literally grew up in her parents’ bowling center — Paoli Rock-N-Bowl in Paoli, Ind. — is the 2022 recipient of youth bowling’s most lucrative honor, the $25,000 Daroll and Dee Frewing Scholarship.

McCrary follows in the footsteps of Andrew Amore of Ohio, the scholarship’s first recipient in 2020, and Avery Schenk of North Carolina, the 2021 honoree.

The scholarship was developed and is perpetually funded by Daroll and Dee Frewing of US Bowling Corporation, and is available to high school seniors who are either children or grandchildren of BPAA-member bowling center owners.

“Emma is exactly the type of young person we had in mind when we came up with the idea for the scholarship,” said Daroll Frewing. “She’s an excellent student, is very active in the community and comes from a true bowling family. The McCrarys have worked hard to build their business and provide a solid foundation for their children, and we know this scholarship will help Emma achieve her goals and dreams.”

Those goals include adding value as a member of the family business and perhaps even opening an additional family center one day. Toward that end, she said she will attend Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, studying business and marketing.

“She’s just a solid individual,” said Titus McCrary, describing his daughter. “She’s good-hearted, loves everybody and has always wanted to be a good person.”

Stacy McCrary , Emma’s mother, recalled a time when Emma was in elementary school and received a mild reprimand from her teacher for talking too much is class. “She was just devastated and never misbehaved the rest of the year. Her teacher didn’t think it was a big deal, but Emma did.”

As co-editor, Emma took most of the photos for her high school yearbook, maintained a solid grade point average while playing both school and travel volleyball, volunteered at the county Humane Society, participated in a teacher’s initiative called “The Essentials Closet Project” to help needy students, worked with the local Unified Champions group in staging its annual track-and-field day for students with disabilities, and participates in an annual mission trip with her church to “bring Christmas” (clothes, shoes, toys and other items) to a community in Kentucky.

Emma, who accepted the Frewing scholarship at International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas, said the honor “helped me re-think the whole college process.”

Originally, she hoped to attend an elite — but expensive — volleyball school. But after the $25,000 windfall courtesy of the Frewing family, “the idea of graduating with little or no debt really made a lot of sense.”

A cover story on Emma McCrary and her family is featured in the August issue of Bowling Center Management (BCM) magazine. 

Applications for the 2023 Daroll and Dee Frewing Scholarship will be available soon on the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame website.

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