Columbus Square Bowling Palace, which has brought numerous national PBA Tour stops to Central Ohio through the years, has upgraded its facility to include the HyperBowling attraction from QubicaAMF.

HyperBowling embodies a set of bowling games that combine high-tech software, futuristic user interfaces, lights and sensors to deliver an experience that plays like a physical video game on a bowling lane.

“We’re proud to have teamed with QubicaAMF to add a new kind of interactive social experience to the Bowling Palace,” said General Manager Julie Wells. “HyperBowling is bowling as you’ve never experienced it before. When redeveloping the Bowling Palace, our focus was to add more diverse and engaging entertainment options for our guests, and we think HyperBowling definitely accomplishes that goal.

“We have a new intelligent lighting system to provide a fully immersive experience for the customers while bowling,” added Wells. “Integrated with the scoring system, the lighting system illuminates the pins in an endless variety of colors and effects and even responds to on-lane events such as strikes and spares. The guest is in control of playing whatever they are in the mood for, and there are more options to entertain them than ever before.”

The new lighting system enables the facility to offer light shows or customize events such as birthday parties or corporate events with unique lighting effects on specific lanes. 

On the Columbus Square Bowling Plaza’s website, the 64-lane center now describes itself as, “The largest HyperBowling Center in the World.”

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