Hurricanes are nothing new to the residents and bowling proprietors of Florida. But Hurricane Ian, which slammed into the state’s southwestern coast on Wednesday (Sept. 28), was different.

It was one of the most powerful storms in United States history, with a storm surge that flooded communities and sustained winds measuring 150-mph that tore apart homes and other buildings.

As early as Tuesday in some parts of the state, bowling center owners were posting closure notices on Facebook and other social-media platforms. Some said they planned to be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, and hoped to reopen on Thursday.

But as Floridians woke up to pictures of storm damage in a widespread area of the state, proprietors reassessed their plans. Even in areas where flood waters had receded, residents were being urged to stay at home so emergency crews could assist victims, begin infrastructure repairs and restore power.

Lane care provider Kegel, based in Lake Wales, Fla., posted that it would close through today, and expected to return to normal business on Friday. It added that its tech staff would continue to be available for phone support.

Ian’s strength at landfall tied it for the fifth-strongest hurricane, when measured by wind speed, to strike the U.S. It’s tied with five other hurricanes that reached 150 mph — two in Florida, two in Louisiana and one in Texas.

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