Don MacBrayne, who was named BPAA Proprietor of the Year in 2022, has decided to retire, ending a 50-year career in the bowling business.

From a parttime job at a Brunswick-owned center in West Vancouver, B.C., Canada while in high school to Vice President of Operations, MacBrayne spent 40 years with Brunswick and was deeply involved in evolving the company’s bowling center model to become more entertainment and foodservice-oriented.

He established Performance Entertainment in 2013 and with partners built three 50,000-sq.-ft. multi-attraction centers in Colorado under The Summit brand. The partners sold the centers to Main Event Entertainment last year and MacBrayne agreed to stay on for a year to assist with the rebranding to Main Event. Now, he says it’s time to take it easy and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

“[Wife] Jackie and I have been partnered in my career and she has been my number-one supporter,” MacBrayne wrote in a Facebook post. “After the birth of each of our children, the first stop from the hospital before home was the bowling center. We have made incredible and loving friendships over the years with customers, team members and colleagues. Love you all! We are so looking forward to our next chapter,” which will include spending more time with their seven grandchildren, traveling and expanding on some hobbies.

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