The Detroit Athletic Club — located just steps from Ford Field in the Motor City’s theater, sports and entertainment district — has fully redeveloped and renovated its historic Bowling Abbey.

The nearly $9 million project in the club’s 107-year-old clubhouse was completed during a seven-month timeline so the annual bowling season could begin on time.

“This is a rare example of a project that looks a lot better than the renderings,” said DAC President Dave Devine. “We’re calling it a redevelopment because it was much more than a renovation; it was a transformation of one of bowling’s most treasured destinations.”

Planning for the project began in 2021 as a collaboration between DAC members and Rossetti, a Detroit architectural design firm. The first phase was an expansion of the clubhouse’s subterranean footprint to add a full-service kitchen and adjoin the dining and bowling areas in what would become a nearly 11,000-sq.-ft. space.

“Providing a more complete and inclusive member experience in The Abbey was the No. 1 priority throughout the planning and execution of this project,” said Executive Manager Charles Johnson. “To accomplish this, we needed to upgrade the food-and-beverage service and create a deeper connection between members dining in The Abbey and the bowlers.”

The Abbey now has a complete kitchen with the latest cooktop technology and an enlarged staff, making it a full-service dining venue. A new menu features DAC classics such as chicken pot pie and frog legs, as well as modern takes on appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Upgraded bowling amenities include larger locker rooms and a full-service pro shop with equipment, drilling services and DAC-branded apparel.

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