The PWBA Hall of Fame will welcome three new inductees on May 17 in Las Vegas.

Cheryl Daniels of Detroit was elected in the Performance category, Paula Carter of Miami was elected as an Ambassador and Mary Bundrick of Chicago will be inducted posthumously in the Meritorious Service/Builder category.

Carter promoted the sport through several national television appearances during the 1970s, helping bring professional women’s bowling to a new audience. She received the Flowers for the Living Award in 2011.

Bundrick, who died in 2001 at the age of 89, played a major role in the creation of the PWBA and served as the organization’s first president from 1959-1963. While serving as the executive director of the Les Dames de 700 Bowling Club in the late 1950s, Bundrick looked at the formation of the Professional Bowlers Association in 1958 and hoped to bring together a similar program to showcase the top female athletes in the sport. She hired Georgia Veatch to serve as executive director for the new organization and invited eight prominent female bowlers to a meeting that helped set the stage for the creation of the PWBA. At the conclusion of the meeting, rules, regulations and a constitution had been approved and 23 women were made charter members of the organization.

Bowlers like Daniels benefitted from the efforts of both Bundrick and Carter, and Daniels further advanced women’s bowling as a Black champion.

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