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Thanksgiving, football and bowling

America has unique ways of celebrating Thanksgiving. Whether families gather to eat and watch the NFL or it’s playing board games, people are getting more creative with every season that passes by. But not everyone has the same advantages on this holiday and for one Charter School, the charitable creativity bar has just been moved up a rung.

Marc Munroe Dion, of The Herald News  first reported that Atlantis Charter School in Fall River, Massachusetts has taken fun and philanthropy to the next level. The students have engaged in turkey-related bowling for a good cause. In year’s past, the students used frozen turkeys to bowl down plastic pins in the school’s gym, but switched to turkey designed footballs due to the frozen turkeys melting during play.

Atlantis Charter School’s Administrative Matt Pilotte got to enjoy the role of explaining the charity aspect of the event to the kids, as well as hopefully enlighten some of the students on the importance of recognizing those less fortunate and giving back. Pilotte asked the kids to think about how they would feel if they missed breakfast and had to wait until lunch to eat. Then asked them to imagine not eating for a day or two.

Anyone who brought in a can or cash got the opportunity to bowl. All can goods are donated to Citizens for Citizens, a local anti-poverty agency. The cash goes to The Herald News Holiday Fund, the fund collects and provides monetary support and necessities for local impoverished families.

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