Did Andrew Bynum Make Bowling Off Limits for Current Pro Athletes?

Bowling is a favorite pastime for many current and former pro athletes. In the NBA especially, many of today’s current stars are fond of bowling. LeBron James installed bowling lanes in his home. Chris Paul hosts bowling events, was involved with USBC promotions and regularly hits the lanes with top pros. And former Laker, current 76er Andrew Bynum also frequently hit the lanes during the season.

But last week may cause some sports franchises to rethink their in-season bowling policies after Bynum reportedly injured his knee while bowling.

In an era where sports franchises invest millions of dollars in their athletes, most player contracts restrict activities that are prone to injuries, such as skydiving or motorcycle riding. Bowling was not one of these:

There are several activities that are prohibited in standard NBA player contracts, but bowling is not one of them. Bynum is known to enjoy bowling.

Does this mean that teams will quickly sneak in more language restricting bowling during the season? One would hope not. After all, athletes are still allowed to play video games, right?


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