Turn occasional bowlers into regular customers with Perka!

The BPAA and Perka, a Smart Buy loyalty program based in Portland and NYC, have come up with an idea to turn the casual bowler into a regular bowler with a new customer rewards program. By giving customers the satisfaction of being recognized with increasing tiers of “perks,” and in turn providing real, meaningful intelligence to merchants.

BPAA member centers can access more exclusive offers through Perka, allowing them to save $10/month off the regular price subscription price. Also, by signing up with a two-year commitment, centers will receive one free validator device. The new program allows customers to use their smart phones to earn and redeem restaurant and pro shop purchases, which will encourage more frequent returns to your bowling center!

The new Smart Buy Perka program is broken down into two separate loyalty systems: Perka Punchcard or Perka Flexpoints.

Perka Punchcards

  • Customers earn perks for making a certain number of purchases.

Perka Flexpoints

  • Customers earn points based on how many dollars they spend.

Get Perka for your business by visiting http://getperka.com/bpaa/ or by calling 1-(800)-343-1329.

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