With so many people boasting about traveling to Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Miguel Kamel was looking to put the Texas community of McAllen on the map.

Kamel decided to develop and build a $12 million hangout off Expressway 83 in Texas, and he has named it Europa Cuisine & Entertainment.

This new boutique facility is something that brings the local community a unique blend of artful culinary selections and the joy of entertainment. Following the grand opening in November, the facility is now the talk of the town, featuring a chef-inspired restaurant, innovative mixology bar, private dining and party rooms, and 12 full-size lanes of QubicaAMF-equipped bowling.

“The bowling we offer is not the bowling you were used to growing up,” says Kamel. “We have 12 lanes of bowling that offer state-of-the-art entertainment, and even have private rooms that back up to four of the lanes which we can leverage for parties and corporate events.”

When launching this endeavor, Kamel committed to making every visit memorable for his customers, and making Europa the place to be. Knowing there was a unique market in Texas, he chose to leverage bowling as the anchor and began searching for how he could turn his vision into a reality.

Thanks to years of experience, he knew the restaurant side of the business would do well, but choosing to add bowling was a new direction. That’s when he discovered QubicaAMF Worldwide, and after seeing various options, he chose to install 12 lanes of Arctic Blue SPL Boutique Bowling Lanes, new XLi EDGE Pinspotters and the BES X Bowler Entertainment System.

“Boutique centers that are using bowling as their anchor are popping up around the world, and have proven to be a very profitable attraction,” says Wendy Smith, Director of New Business Development for QubicaAMF Worldwide. “Based on what Miguel was looking to create, we were able to find the right mix of products that are helping Europa succeed, and turning Miguel’s dream into the reality he hoped for.”

Kamel added, “We developed this boutique entertainment concept three years ago, and we are blessed to see how well it has all turned out.”

Reviews from the local community rave that the 26,500-sq.-ft. facility blows their mind, and soon will be the entertainment and culinary hub to bring patrons from a 250-mile radius to this area. Whether one is looking to have some drinks, dinner with their family or a night out bowling with friends, Europa has everything the new-age customer could want.

McAllen is located in the Rio Grande Valley at the southern tip of Texas, across from the Mexican city of Reynosa and about 70 miles west of South Padre Island.

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