Turbo has added a special on-site raffle, thanks to event sponsor Logo Infusion, that will be used to fund additional scholarships as part of this year’s Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo, which will be conducted at Game of Wickliffe in Wickliffe, Ohio, July 11-13.

Along with being the official jersey of the Collegiate Expo, Logo Infusion will provide a signed replica jersey of USBC Hall of Famer and Team Turbo staff member, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, professionally framed in a shadow box. All proceeds from the $5 raffle tickets will be designated for the six-game Audition Tournament, held at the end of the Expo.

“Logo Infusion has been a tremendous supporter of our event the past few years,” said Turbo President, Lori Mraz. “They were very gracious coming up with the idea for the raffle last year, raising over $500, which we awarded back in tournament scholarships.”

The Audition Tournament is the culmination of two full days of on-lane and classroom instruction with some of the best coaches and professional athletes in the sport. Turbo’s team of certified coaches and pros includes PBA and PWBA champions, hall of famers and USBC-certified coaches.

“The raffle proceeds allow us to reward more players in the event,” said Mraz. “While the scholarships offered from the six-game tournament aren’t a primary focus of the Expo, they are added incentive for students competing in our showcase audition event.”

Noted Ken Keegan, President of Logo Infusion: “We are honored to be part of such a well-run event focused on some of the most talented junior bowlers in the country. We hope to continue our relationship with Turbo long into the future.”

Keegan added that he believes the raffle definitely will be bigger this year.

“This will be a collector’s item for one of the greatest female bowlers of all time,” he said.  “With Carolyn representing both Turbo and Logo Infusion around the country at numerous bowling events each year, it is fitting that we present one of her jerseys at the Collegiate Expo.”

Logo Infusion provides jerseys for both students and coaches at the Expo. The jersey designs vary based on grade level, so each player’s year of college eligibility is readily apparent to college coaches in attendance.

“Our students love the jerseys they receive as part of their registration,” said Mraz. “They must wear them during the Audition Tournament, and the sea of color is really quite an impressive showing.”

Registration officially closes May 31, and spots are filling quickly for the capacity of 210 players. Students should be enrolled in high school grades 10-12 for the 2017-18 school year, or be a 2017 graduate. A minimum entering average of 190 for boys and 175 for girls is suggested for greatest recruiting consideration.

Sponsors of the 2017 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo include Bowlers Journal International, Bowlingball.com, Brunswick, Columbia 300, Dexter, DV8, Ebonite, 900 Global, Hammer, International Art of Bowling, Kegel, KR Strikeforce, Logo Infusion, Motiv, OnTheBallBowling.com, PBA, Roto Grip, Storm, Track, Turbo and the Metro Detroit USBC.

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