Kegel has announced the launch of a new slogan for the Lake Wales, Fla.-based company — “Kegel: Built For Bowling.”

This follows a change to Kegel’s mission statement, which occurred earlier this year. Kegel updated its mission statement to, “Kegel: Enhancing and Improving the Bowling Experience.”

Erin Wall, Kegel’s Marketing Coordinator, said, “With our new mission statement and slogan, we aim to capture that Kegel maintains a strong focus on bowling. We are a bowling company, we love what we do, and our purpose is to make the sport more enjoyable for everyone. Our company was built for bowling, our products are built for bowling, and our customers are built for bowling, too.”

Kegel will be transitioning to the use of this updated logo/slogan on all marketing materials, shirts, product packaging, websites, etc. It replaces the slogan, “Your Lanes, Our Passion.”

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