Expert Hosiery is working with BVL and the Veterans Affairs Outreach Program to provide socks to the estimated 48,000 U.S. veterans who are homeless.

Winter is the toughest season for the homeless, especially in four-season locales, and clean socks go a long way in providing warmth and comfort, not to mention protection from the elements.

A number of donation levels have been developed, each providing a designated number of crew or thermal socks for homeless vets:

* Level 1 — A $30 donation provides 72 pairs of crew socks or 48 pairs of thermal socks.

* Level 2 — A $90 donation provides 216 pairs of crew socks or 144 pairs of thermal socks.

* Level 3 — A $400 donation provides 1,000 pairs of crew socks, while a $625 donation provides 1,000 pairs of thermal socks.

The goal is to provide at least 100,000 pairs of socks to the VA Outreach Program’s 23 distribution centers.

For further information, email support@experthosiery.com, or call 919-799-7707 and ask for Linda or Brandy.

Proprietors who would like to undertake a fund-raising effort can find a number of helpful poster, brochure and video downloads at https://www.va.gov/homeless/outreach.asp.

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