24G is a digital agency that empowers brands, agencies and corporations with digital experiential solutions at live events, online and in the workplace.

Its headquarters in Troy, Mich., encompasses 40,460 square feet — part of which is devoted to 10 bowling lanes.

As it turns out, neither the building nor the lanes are new. The building formerly housed the 46-lane Thunderbird Lanes, and 24G’s CEO, Scott Wiemels, decided to retain 10 lanes when he had the facility refurbished to consolidate 24G’s three area offices.

Wood from the remaining lanes was used for wall paneling, employee work stations and conference room tables.

Wiemels told the Detroit Free Press that he had bowled at Thunderbird dozens of times. “This place was a bit of the heart of Troy during the ’80s and ’90s,” he said.

The old Thunderbird neon sign was preserved and now is located just inside the main entrance. The teal blue Thunderbird Lanes lettering and thunderbird picture are now located near the remaining lanes.

Employees — mostly Millennials — are free to bowl whenever they go on a break, and that is used as a selling tool in recruitment. Wiemels said the lanes also have been a hit with 24G’s clients, including Google, IBM, Nike, Volkswagen, Audi and Under Armour.

Thunderbird Lanes may be gone, but a little bit of it lives on inside the corporate headquarters of 24G.

Fun fact: On 24G’s homepage, rather than the three-horizontal-lines icon commonly used to open up a side menu of topics/links, a line drawing of a bowling pin is utilized.

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