ZOT Pinsetter Parts today introduced its new logo — the first update since the company was founded more than 50 years ago.

“It’s time to modernize our image,” says ZOT’s President and owner, P.J. Rosendahl. “Our new designer logo is more descriptive and representative of who we are, and is a better fit for our diverse catalog of product lines and brand names.”

The introduction of the new ZOT logo, which coincides with the first anniversary of Rosendahl’s ownership of the company, offers more flexibility in its application to the various product lines offered by ZOT, starting with ZOT Bowling Parts, which replaces the original ZOT Pinsetter Parts logo.

Pinsetter parts may have represented where the company started back in 1954, but the company’s product line for the bowling industry now extends to all amenities within today’s more entertainment-driven business model.

In addition to ZOT Bowling Parts, the new logo will be incorporated into the logos of five ZOT product categories, including ColorSplash LED Lighting, Wizard Foul Detectors, Evolution Pinspotter Control Systems, ZOT Solutions (electronic and mechanical parts and assemblies), and GlossBoss Ball Conditioner Products.

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