Mike Logan, the owner of Grand Station Entertainment in College Station, Texas, has been named the 2019 recipient of the Proprietor of the Year award by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America.

Logan will receive his award during International Bowl Expo week, June 23-27 at the Paris Las Vegas Resort in Las Vegas.

A special committee selects the award winner from submitted nomination forms. Logan’s nomination was accompanied by letters of support from fellow proprietors as well as local and state USBC association officials.

Logan, a third-generation proprietor, transformed a failing bowling center into a thriving family entertainment center. Rather than removing lanes in order to free up space for new attractions, he closed an adjoining roller skating rink and used that space to add a large arcade, laser tag and other attractions.

Logan is a bowler at heart with numerous honor score awards to his credit, but as a businessperson he says he could see the writing on the wall as bowling’s league participant base has slowly but continually diminished. While he still strongly supports local and state bowling tournaments, he says new revenue streams were needed to keep bowling available and viable.

“I’m not a trendsetter by any stretch of the imagination,” Logan said in the June issue of Bowling Center Management magazine, official publication of the BPAA and sister publication of BPAA. “But I know how to follow the trends.”

Logan noted that “without the arcade and the other additions we made, we would not have been able to buy 40 new pinsetting machines, two new lane machines and so on.”

Thanks to those capital improvements, and a strong focus on cleanliness, Grand Station Entertainment maintains a strong league base.

Logan also has found time to volunteer with both the Texas Bowling Centers Association and at the national level with BPAA.

While a TBCA officer, he helped bring many centers into membership and urged that educational programs be presented to the members in multiple locations since Texas is such a large state. He chairs BPAA’s FEC Committee, and has lobbied for FEC-focused educational seminars at Bowl Expo.

“I did not see it coming,” Logan said of the call he received from BPAA President Randy Thompson informing him of the Proprietor of the Year award. “I asked Randy, ‘Didn’t anybody else get nominated?’”

A big man with a big personality, Logan retains a humble demeanor and gratitude for his family, which includes wife Deanna and son Scott, both of whom play important roles in the operation of Grand Station Entertainment.

“I’m blessed to have them in my life, and that things turned out the way they did for us,” he says. “Sometimes God looks out for you when you need it.”

Read much more about Logan in the June issue of BCM.

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