We live in a time when it’s always a good idea to have a “Plan B,” and it was with that in mind that the United States Bowling Congress announced details on the 2021 USBC Team USA Trials and United States National Amateur Bowling Championships.

USBC said that plans call for the events to be held Jan. 2-7 at the Gold Coast Bowling Center in Las Vegas. However, USBC also said that the format, location and entry limits are subject to change based on the recommended best practices and social-distancing protocols as the start date of the tournament approaches.

For that reason, it advised potential entrants to not book travel (flight and/or hotel) until further details are announced, adding that specifics would be available on or before Nov. 1.

The announcement came on the same day that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said that Nevada still had a “long way” to go until the state would be fully reopened without restrictions.

“When we lift restrictions, we must lift those restrictions responsibly,” Sisolak said during his weekly media conference. “Our future economic recovery depends on it, and our community depends on it. If we go too fast in recovery, we’ll be hindered, and things like conventions won’t just be canceled this year. They’ll be canceled next year, too, and the year after that.”

The USBC media release said that USBC intends to conduct the 2021 USBC Team USA Trials and United States National Amateur Bowling Championships “even if relocation is required.”

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