The Kegel Mechanics Klub (KMK) is a new platform that Kegel plans to grow into an extensive knowledge base for mechanics.

KMK includes maintenance and installation videos, written technical tips and articles, troubleshooting flow charts with videos attached showing specific adjustments, and more.

This free website will initially focus on GS and A2 pinsetters from a mechanical, electrical and safety standpoint:

Don Agent, Kegel’s head of pinsetter parts R&D, said, “In today’s current technological environment, information is everywhere. However, some information is good and accurate, and a lot of information is incorrect.

“For a pinchaser, ‘C’ mechanic or even a ‘B’ mechanic, the internet, without a good mentor, can be a detriment to learning the proper skills, training and safety that is required to become a laneman or pinsetter mechanic. Here at Kegel, we have always prided ourselves on sharing information and knowledge that could make day-to-day operations in the bowling center much easier and more efficient. We hope you will find that the Kegel Mechanics Klub does just that.”

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