Because of the continuing coronavirus lockdown in California, the BPAA was forced to move its 2021 Mid-Winter Bowling Summit out of Palm Springs since there was no assurance it could stage its seminars and social events with adequate social distancing.

The big social event was to have been a gathering at the home of the late Frank Sinatra, and BPAA had already started spreading the news.

But even though the Summit was relocated to Nashville, the Sinatra-and-bowling connection would not go away.

The Avid Handyman company had been working on a remodeling project in Hoboken, N.J., the hometown of the famed singer and actor. And when crew members began pulling up part of the building’s floor, they discovered a bowling lane believed to be at least a hundred years old.

A few bowling balls and pins also were uncovered.

It’s not known whether Sinatra, who was born in 1915, ever bowled on that lane. We can, however, tell you that there was a bowling scene in the original “Ocean’s Eleven” movie, which starred Sinatra and other members of the “Rat Pack.”

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