With COVID-19 cases spiking across the country ahead of the anticipated widespread distribution of vaccines, many bowlers remained uncomfortable about traveling. As a result, just days into December, close to 100 entrants had withdrawn from the 2021 Team USA Trials and requested refunds.

Citing the ongoing public health concerns, restrictions and recommendations, the United States Bowling Congress has now cancelled the Trials.

Original plans had called for the event to be held at the Gold Coast Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Jan. 2-7. But well into the fall, Nevada continued to have highly restrictive capacity limits on many types of venues, including bowling centers.

With social distancing in mind, the venue was changed to a pair of large centers in Indianapolis, Woodland Bowl and Expo Bowl. Ultimately, it was decided to cancel the event entirely.

Just yesterday, long-time Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross announced his retirement.

Ross, who is 64, had spent nearly two decades as part of the Junior Team USA and Team USA programs. He also served as director of the International Training and Research Center.

American players won hundreds of medals in high-profile international competition during Ross’s tenure.

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