The United States Bowling Congress has announced a $3.5 million aid program to help support grassroots bowling. The move comes as a response to the unprecedented losses experienced in the sport nationwide due to COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns.

As part of the program, the USBC Board of Directors has approved an immediate cash transfer of $1.5 million from USBC’s reserve fund directly to USBC local associations. An additional $200,000 will be available for USBC state associations in the form of added prize money for their 2021 championship tournaments.

“USBC is forecasting a 40% decline in league membership this season due to COVID-19,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “The situation is devastating financially for many local bowling operators across the country. USBC has cash reserves for an emergency, and we believe now is the time to use some of those funds and provide help back to the grassroots of our sport.”

The local aid program will send at least $1 per member back to all active standard USBC local associations based on 2018-19 membership totals. Standard associations with fewer than 500 members will receive $500 in aid, and the largest USBC local association will receive about $40,000.

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