The BPAA did everything possible to make its 2021 Mid-Winter Summit happen, including a change in venue from the nearly entirely shut-down California (Palm Spring, to be specific) to a more “open” Tennessee (Nashville, to be specific).

Ultimately, however, distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines did not take place quickly enough, which meant the coronavirus pandemic had not been quelled to the degree that a completely safe environment could be ensured. With the Centers for Disease Control predicting a post-holidays surge in the number of cases, the BPAA put the well-being of its membership first.

“We would never want to risk the health of any proprietors during this time,” said BPAA President Jim Decker. “So, despite how much we love being able to network and learn from our fellow owners across the country at the Summit, we’ve decided to cancel the event to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Added Decker: “While we’re disappointed that we can’t get together in Nashville, we’re already pivoting and shifting our efforts toward Bowl Expo in Louisville, Ky., in June. Our continued focus will remain on ensuring that our future meetings and conferences are safe, fun and learning experiences for everyone who attends.”

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