Storm Products Inc. has announced that the brands of Storm and Roto Grip will continue their sponsorship agreement with the Underground Bowling Association for the 2021 season.

“We like to have fun when we bowl,” Philip Chance, President and CEO of the UBA, said. “Storm and the UBA have once again agreed to partner the ‘Bowler’s Company’ with the ‘Culture of Bowling.’” 

The UBA was developed in 2009, born out of the idea that bowling is not just a spectator sport. The organization is dedicated to encouraging, promoting and creating more interest in competitive bowling. Through this vision, a new generation of bowlers with unorthodox, unique, and/or original styles of bowling has been encouraged to join the sport.

The UBA encourages bowlers to create nicknames for themselves and rivalries are formed between teams. The UBA focuses on “bowling entertainment” and the situations or instances that create matches and encourage spectators to join in and pick their favorites. During a normal season, the UBA has 21 “Tour Stops” in a 10-month period.

“The energy that the UBA bowlers bring to their events is like no other event that we sponsor, and we are thrilled to extend our sponsorship for the 2021 season,” Leanne Hulsenberg, Storm’s Tournament and Events Manager, said.

Prior to the pandemic, the UBA hosted 252 events and serviced more than 9,000 bowlers in the United States. The organization plans to host at least 144 events this year, and will be introducing its “Season Brawl Series.” This will enable UBA franchises to cross district lines and bowl against teams they’ve never faced before.

Throughout the season, Storm Products will provide resources to help the UBA with on-site activations.

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